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Foto Figurines

Foto Figurines presents hand painted aluminium miniature figurines.

It is necessary to go up with Antiquity to find the first traces of "small soldiers" out of carved and painted wooden. As from the XVIIIe century appear lead soldiers with their apogee in the reign of Napoleon. At the beginning of the XXe century, aluminium is used for their manufacture.

The world of the figurines has been diversified with publication of RPGs (Role Playing Games) in the Seventies, game masters wanting to bring more realism to their parts and players sticking to their characters to the wire of the campaigns. Donjons and Dragons monsters books are surely most famous with tens of monsters in all kinds.

The presented collection belongs to Dr Feelgood who painted himself the figurines. The models, american made on the scale 1/54e, were classified in three headings, Heroic Fantasy, Science Fiction and Misc.

Photographies and web by NONAME (Canon A70, ImageFX about retouching).